The forum "YugTrans-2017" will visit Novorossiysk port

Купить Cтимуляторы Акташ The participants of the XIII International transport forum "YugTrans-2017" will visit one of the biggest European ports – the port of Novorossiysk, and to get acquainted with experience of terminal OJSC IPP (part of the Group Novorossiysk commercial sea port), engaged in export-import operations with oil products and mineral fertilizers. Cargo turnover of NCSP Group's terminals in January 2017 was 12 670 thousand tons, which is 6.4% (761 thousand tons) more than in January 2016.
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Oil Giants at Odds As Saudi, Russian Ties Improve

Купить закладку амф Гронинген Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud visited Moscow last Wednesday, the first such visit by a Saudi monarch since the Soviet Union collapsed. Two topics dominated the agenda: Syria and oil. Saudi Arabia has likely found itself in the uncomfortable position of accepting Assad’s grip on power into the future in hopes of drawing Russia further away from Tehran in trying to resolve the Syrian Civil War. 

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