Temkinskaya Tank Farm introduces dynamism to our strategic decisions. We are rapid and speedy thinkers.

Temkinskaya Tank Farm takes calculated business risks which are one of the cores pillar for commercial enterprise operation. We are always ready in occurrence of risk and we have solid and reliable plans to minimize any impact.

Temkinskaya Tank Farm gives our worker and expertise big responsibility and the freedom to explore creativity creation. 

Temkinskaya Tank Farm allows easy flows of communication to enable good relations among our workers. Every staff knows their role, and those around them, and acts in harmony towards a common target. 

Temkinskaya Tank Farm productive workforce is solidly behind the successful result achieved by the company in areas of storage and transshipment, it is not the pipes or tanks that make us such a force in storage and transhipment. Our workers are always working on better and safely delivery of it operations.