OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm provides safe, reliable efficient, flexible, and high quality storage, transportation and transhipment services on Russian territory and globally.

OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm is one of the most technologically advanced crude oil and petroleum product storage and transhipment company in Russian Federation and around the globe operating for more than 10 years. Our brand name is reliability, effectiveness and trustworthiness in the position of relationship with the company's customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees.

OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm works in conformity with the highest Russian and international safety and quality standards when receiving and storing petroleum products from Russia and other world top ports and loading them onto vessel tankers for international destinations and we adhere strictly and observe the principles of favourable business practice. The company develops open tenders, provides transparent reports, fulfills conditions of the concluded contracts and ensures open and verified information flow to the customers, cooperation partners, employees and community.