Environment & Safety

OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” handles environmentally hazardous substances and petroleum products, we acknowledges our obligation to minimize its impact on the environment. Yearly we fund measures relating to environmental protection and safety. 

OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” has established an environmental management system, that analyses operations of the company and every potential risks associated with it, and ensures regular environmental monitoring in the territory of the company operations. A network of groundwater monitoring wells is built in the company’s territory, which enable access to data on groundwater quality both in the territory of the tank farm operations and along the whole pipeline passage up to the port. All information is analysed and summarized in the company’s ecological database. OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” constantly communicates with the Russian Regional Environmental Board and Department for Environmental Management and Protection regarding air quality observations. The oil tanks and rail tank car loading rack loading and discharging products are equipped with petroleum product vapour recovery systems.

For many years, OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” has been funding the remediation of the environment projects and elimination of consequences produced by pollution. Petroleum products which accumulated underneath discharging railway tracks in the form of a floating petroleum product layer above the groundwater level were eliminated under the company’s environmental safety projects.