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экспресс тест на вич купить в гомеле The company owns and operates partnership ventures storage and logistics businesses in 50 terminals around the globe with a total storage capacity of 150 million cubic meters and specialize in storage of petroleum products in Novorossiysk port, Saint Petersburg port, Vladivostok port,

go Kozmino port and top world ports as Rotterdam port, Houston port, Ventspils port, Hamburg port, Tianjin port, Jawaharlal Nehru Port and port of Singapore with more than (2,000,000m3) storage capacity in total. Temkinskaya Tank Farm provides exceptional storage services and logistical solutions, transportation services “rail/pipeline/road /water transport”, profitable outsourcing oil & gas exploring and exploitation projects, successful logistics partnership ventures with top world terminals and operators. 

enter The company “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” provides cargo supply in capacity of 1.000 – 500.000 MT. The cargoes are usually sold and delivered to the customers' own or joint shore tanks or can be delivered ex installation. The product expertise from our company are especially focused on fuel oil, Jet fuel, auto diesel, heating oil, gas oil, marine gas oil, marine fuel oil and bitumen. The Fuel oil covers various products grade such as high sulphur and low sulphur fuel oils as well as grades from IFO 180, IFO 280, IFO 380 and straight run fuel oil.

source The company “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” provides specialized solutions for logistics endorsed by a first-class fleet counting more than 50 vessels in our group-owned and joint ventures. This enables reliable and flexible operation with an independent position in contrast with the general cargo market.

The company “Temkinskaya Tank Farm” is committed to total service provision and offering a comprehensive solution for our customers’ interest. This composition enhances us to offer contentious result and to sustain excellent customer satisfaction. This is one of the reason our company is benefiting long-standing relations with our various customers for over 10 period. 

https://drugskoer.online/chto-za-lekarstvo-disulfiram.html Important fact to know about the company OOO “Temkinskaya Tank Farm”

Storage of oil, gasoline and other petroleum products

Tank Farms and Terminals operations 

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Pipeline transport Systems operation

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Refineries and Petrochemical Plants joint operation

 Independent provider of tank storage

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 Zero-emission terminals

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 Ample jetty availability 

Provider for chemical, mineral and transshipment operations

 All types of transportation – vessel, train, truck and pipeline